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medical marijuana dispensaries

Before this week, the San Francisco Police Commission held a meeting in which the problem of do medical marijuana dispensaries increase crime. This isn’t a fresh area of medical marijuana plan; conservatives AND A FEW members of police force cling to the argument that ‘medical marijuana dispensaries raise offense in the regions encompassing them.’ The truth is, they cling to it so much, it’s almost the only argument which they ever supply in opposition to medical marijuana dispensaries. So with that said, if their solitary argument doesn’t maintain water, chances are they should only go crawl straight back in to their holes, right?

I believe it’s quite clear how I sense about this problem. But I’m way from an expert on the problem, so I am going to defer to members of police force. At the before mentioned meeting, Bay Area Police Captain Denise Schmitt stated, “There’s a lot of info out there and I don’t believe it both proves or disproves a rise in offense.”

San Francisco Police Commander John Luftus attempted to pull a fast one on the Commission, by creating generic promises for example, “Results with having a medical cannabis dispensary in the community array from severe crimes including murder and robbery to quality of li Fe problems for example loitering, added garbage in the air, and, yes, double parking…” But when asked if the offenses which have been reported were ACTUALLY LINKED to neighborhood dispensaries, Loftus folded like a cheap suit. He mentioned, “there’s no clear link on any of the noted offenses to these clubs.” Nice try Mr. Loftus! Perhaps you should go straight back to propaganda coaching before you decide to visit marijuana dispensaries los angeles be sure to let us know about your experience!!

The truth of the matter is, San Fran isn’t alone with this problem. Members from police force in other towns (quite unwillingly) have also spoken out, farther debunking the ‘medical marijuana dispensary raising offense’ myth. Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck h AS said, “Banks are more likely to get robbed than medical marijuana dispensaries. I’ve attempted to check that because that, of program, is the mantra. It doesn’t actually bear out.” In 2009, the LAPD obtained reports of 71 robberies at the more than 350 banks in the town, compared to 4-7 robberies at medical marijuana services which amount at least 800.

It wasn’t that extended ago that Colorado Attorneygeneral John Suthers was reporting a ‘sizeable increase’ in offense around dispensaries, and that medical marijuana was heading to outcome in a massive crime wave across the State. Does one recall that Mr. Suthers? After January, you’ven’t been as outspoken on that problem? Why is that…?